Organisations often succeed or fail according to the strengths of their people
Focusing on strengths, helps create workplace cultures that are strong and positive!

Strengthscope® is a leading strengths profiler that provides a comprehensive measurement of work-based strengths and the extent to which these are  applied at work to produce high performance. It’s the only strengths-focused 360º tool that enables the individual to receive feedback from up to 8 (for leaders up to 18) raters.

A strengths-based approach to people management and development is a well-proven approach to delivering significant improvements in organisational excellence, employee engagement and customer loyalty.

'A new focus on managing to strengths, not weaknesses, is emerging. Focusing on strengths versus weaknesses is really working out for more and more companies. Research shows that a person’s best performance comes when they are given meaningful work that leverages their personal strengths and aspirations. Rather than simply evaluate people against goals, new performance models help create jobs or move people into roles where they can succeed'. Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Focusing on Strengths enables individuals and teams to be more motivated and energised in the role that they do, which leads to more commitment, engagement, willingness to go that extra mile for the company and increased loyalty to the company.

Strengthscope® is one of the world's leading strengths assessment tools, a psychometrically robust evidence-based tool developed by The Strengths Partnership, which helps individuals, teams and leaders build greater awareness of their strengths, energizers and natural talent potential and how these can be productively applied at work to optimize their performance and overall engagement. It provides a model and measure of strengths that is directly relevant to 21st Century organisations.

Definition of Strengths: “Underlying qualities that energise us, contribute to our personal growth and lead to peak performance”
Clients include American Express, Facebook, ING, Deloitte, RBS, Novartis, Oracle, Aviva, Siemens, Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline, Accenture, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Volkswagen, Bank of England, Mazda, Gemeente Amsterdam, Sony

Strengthscope does not describe behavioural preference as personality questionnaires (i.e. MBTI, OPQ) do, but instead identifies the activities that make us feel strong, powerful and energised where we have the potential to excel in. Strengthscope™ is different to personality tests because it identifies the things that strengthen and energise us, the characteristcs that lead to sustainable peak performance.

In my work as a HR professional, I have often heard people complain about taking assessments. They didn’t enjoy it, they didn’t learn anything and once the assessments were finished they completely forget all about them. Unlike many assessment systems, Strengthscope® is positive, pragmatic and motivates people to develop themselves beyond narrow boxes. It is a world-leader in its class and has been researched and tested thoroughly over 10 years.

As accredited Strengths coach and consultant, I am authorised to deliver Strengthscope® Assessment and Coaching to individuals and leaders. Part of the Strengthscope® Accredited Partners Network (Coaches, Trainers, Organizational consultants, HR professionals, Managers). Our partners come from various industry sectors and bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the strengths based way of people development. 


Strengthscope has a wide variety of applications

Strengthscope and its supporting product range are used across a range of organisations, sectors and applications to drive value into development for individuals, teams and organisations. 

Application across whole employee life cycle
  • Recruitment (strengths-based assessment)
  • Induction programs
  • Performance Management & Appraisals
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Career Development and Transition
  • Talent Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development & Effectiveness / Culture Change / Building an engaged workforce




Book your Strengthscope™ assessment & Coaching Programme now!
You can take the online Strengths Assessment anywhere you want to, you do not need to be based in The Netherlands (the individual coaching debrief session can also be done remotely if necessary, via Skype for instance).


How Will Knowledge of Your Strengths Help You?

Understanding and applying your strengths will help you to improve your performance, confidence and engagement. It also enhances your understanding of:

1.   Your work-related strengths as a source of energy, personal growth and peak performance
2.   The consequences of not using your strengths in the right way, to the right degree and with the right people
3.   How your strengths are perceived by co-workers and clients
4.   Where there are opportunities to use your strengths more often and more effectively
5.   How you can harness your strengths to reduce performance risks

Benefits To Individuals:

1.   You get clarity on your natural strengths so you can realise your full potential
2.   Playing to strengths improves your effort, energy and confidence, the Strengthscope® tool is crucial for performance improvement
3.   Your Strengthscope® profile helps you to understand and minimise the impact of your weaknesses

Benefits To Teams:

1.   Strengthscope® team reports facilitate complementary partnering and collaborative working based on team members’ strength
2.   Your team report spots weaker areas where the team may need external support
3.   Knowledge of your strengths encourages a positive, energised team environment
4.   Using Strengthscope® builds appreciation of diversity and contributes to relationships of trust, openness and mutual respect

Benefits To Organisations:

1.   The Strengthscope® model builds a culture of engagement and excellence
2.   Using Strengthscope® promotes resilience and optimism, enabling faster, more effective change
3.   Strengthscope® maximises talent attraction, retention and development
4.   The bottom line...Strengthscope® improves performance, sustainable growth and competitive advantage

Unleash the power of strengths at work. 



A strengths-based approach to people management and development is a well-proven approach to delivering significant improvements in organisational excellence, employee engagement and customer loyalty. Our Strengths-Service-Profit Chain diagram, below, summarises how an investment in strengths can bring significant gains in customer loyalty and financial performance.

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