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Specialising in strengths-based development to increase employee performance and engagement 

KS HR Consultancy & Coaching is owned by Kitty Schaap, she holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Sciences and MSc in Management with specialisation Strategic Human Resource Management. Besides a strong theoretical background she has had a varied career in HR and gained broad HRM and coaching experience in international fast paced environments, some companies she worked for are: Shell, Sotheby's, Amoco BP, Sony, Merck Millipore.

She is Strengthscope®Accredited and authorised to deliver Strengthscope®Assessment and Strengths-based Coaching & Consulting to individuals and leaders. Highly skilled at providing coaching and consultation to internal clients of all levels on people management. An inspiring and enthusiastic professional, no-nonsense approach with a good eye for the human aspects within an organisation. Good sense of humor, capable to put things into perspective, analytical, practical and performance driven. A talent to motivate and develop people even in tough times and a true business partner.
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Certified Strengths Coach, specialising in the areas of career development, employee engagement and leadership.

Focusing on Strengths enables individuals and teams to be more motivated and energised in the role that they do, which leads to more commitment, engagement, willingness to go that extra mile for the company and increased loyalty to the company. Strengths optimisation can have a significant positive impact on engagement as well as wellbeing and performance.

We work with STRENGTHSCOPE®; a leading strengths profiler that provides a comprehensive measurement of work-based strengths and the extent to which these are  applied at work to produce high performance. It’s the only strengths-focused 360º tool that enables the individual to receive feedback from up to 8 (for leaders up to 18) raters. For corporate clients and organisations, please send an e-mail to receive a quotation and pricing.

Strengths-based development / Assessments
Leadership Development
Talent & Performance Management 
Employee Engagement

Advice and support can be designed and shaped around your specific business and/or individual needs and objectives. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Unlocking Employee Potential to drive High Performance
Strengthscope® is a psychometrically robust tool developed by The Strengths Partnership, an organisation dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations unleash the power of their strengths at work. It provides a model and measure of strengths that is directly relevant to 21st Century organisations.

A strengths-based approach to people management and development is a well-proven approach to delivering significant improvements in organisational excellence, employee engagement and customer loyalty.  An investment in strengths can bring significant gains in customer loyalty and financial performance.


Strengths give us PACE They increase PerformanceAgilityConfidence, Energy


The Strengthscope feedback report forms a basis for a strengths-focused feedback session to provide you with the best chance of achieving your personal best at work. Tests can be frustrating sometimes and can leave you with the wrong impression or even more questions than you may have had before. It is our aim to provide you with much more tools and ideas which will enable you to develop your self-awareness and gain greater self-confidence and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). To interpret the results and how you will be able to use the theory in practice, you will receive a one to one professional individual feedback session. Based on your Strengthscope report -after completion of the online assessment tool- this session will take 3 hours. This is an opportunity to review what the results really mean and what the implications are for your current work and/or for your career plans. You can always decide upon further coaching sessions based upon what you and your Strengthscope Coach agree would best meet your needs.

You can take the online Talent Assessment anywhere you want to, you do not need to be based in The Netherlands (the individual feedback/coaching session can also be done remotely if necessary, via Skype for instance).




Speaking in this video: Dr Paul Brewerton and James Brook (Directors of Strengths Partnership) on Positive Psychology and Focusing on Strengths


Strengths-based HRM 



How Will Knowledge of Your Strengths Help You?

Simply put, understanding and applying your strengths will help you to improve your performance, confidence and engagement. It also enhances your understanding of:

> Your work-related strengths as a source of energy, personal growth and peak performance
> The consequences of not using your strengths in the right way, to the right degree and with the right people
> How your strengths are perceived by co-workers and clients
> Where there are opportunities to use your strengths more often and more effectively
> How you can harness your strengths to reduce performance risks

Benefits To Individuals:

> You get clarity on your natural strengths so you can realise your full potential
> Playing to strengths improves your effort, energy and confidence, the Strengthscope® tool is crucial for performance improvement
> Your Strengthscope® profile helps you to understand and minimise the impact of your weaknesses

Benefits To Teams:

> Strengthscope® team reports facilitate complementary partnering and collaborative working based on team members’ strength
> Your team report spots weaker areas where the team may need external support
> Knowledge of your strengths encourages a positive, energised team environment
> Using Strengthscope® builds appreciation of diversity and contributes to relationships of trust, openness and mutual respect

Benefits To Organisations:

> The Strengthscope® model builds a culture of engagement and excellence
> Using Strengthscope® promotes resilience and optimism, enabling faster, more effective change
> Strengthscope® maximises talent attraction, retention and development
> The bottom line...Strengthscope® improves performance, sustainable growth and competitive advantage
The Strengthscope model comprises 24 strengths which are the most closely related to performance at work, based on research into behaviour, preference, personality and motivation.





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